Saturday, February 19, 2011


Leaving Columbus, Mississippi, my dad and I stopped to get directions at the gas station. I rolled down the window to get the attendant's attention just as soon as I hit the pedal to the metal. I realized the guy was pumping fuel into an elderly lady's car with a lit cigarette dangling from his mouth! With our limbs intact, we found our way to Meridian, MS at last. The Inn where we're staying is interesting indeed.
Called "The Lion and Harp," it's a pink victorian home perched atop a little knoll in a wooded area. On the interior, the original 1890 details of the house are gorgeous. A grand old staircase leads from the main entryway up to the guest rooms.
That night, we ate at the oldest restaurant in the state. The sad thing is, I was a bit fearful of ordering any fresh local seafood from the menu. All I could think of were images of oil-soaked birds and sea creatures devastated by the latest gulf spill. But again, I digress and fall prey to my Debbie Downer side.

On a more positive note, we enjoyed a lovely morning the next day relaxing on the porch after a filling and delicious breakfast in the stately dining room.
We watched two squirrels bouncing up and down, jumping from branch to branch on a nearby tree.
It's time to pack up and head out on the road again. It's sad that the tour is almost over! We're enjoying the nomadic lifestyle, meeting interesting folks and staying in cool little towns.

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