Thursday, March 20, 2008

taking the world by storm?

My dad and I finally returned from an adventure-filled journey to Spain and I'm not sure where our travels will take us next. I guess it depends on the next invitation that we receive in our inbox from a far-away place. In the beginning (or I should say, at the end, when the film was in the can and we started doing festivals), I was hesitant to screen our documentary anywhere that we couldn't physically be. So, whatever travel expenses the festival couldn't pay for, we picked up the difference. I don't regret those expenditures. Although, in retrospect, it seems silly or maybe downright crazy. But, at the time, I was so attached to the project. I couldn't bear the thought of NOT being there during those early screenings. I have finally recovered from this addiction, although my dad has the bug still, even after three years!

He is always up for attending screenings and he, of course, loves adventures. His suitcase is already packed, ready to go. Unfortunately, we did not make it to Belgrade, Republic of Serbia or Guangzhou, People's Republic of China or Athens, Greece. But at least our movie made it there, which means, by default, that we were there in spirit!