Monday, November 10, 2008

abel raises cain on LINK TV

I've used several analogies to describe the life of our film, ABEL RAISES CAIN. The arduous journey making it (7 years+) and our subsequent premiere and unexpected win at Slamdance, I refer to as the 'Tortoise and the Hare' period. What followed was a seemingly unstoppable but slow-paced 'Wounded Race Horse that Kept on Running.' Now I've decided our movie has taken on the form of a Giant Mutant Earthworm - It's lived beyond normal life expectancy, it keeps growing, it travels at a determined albeit wiggly pace, and it has the remarkable ability to continually regenerate itself.

Maybe this analogy doesn't work very well, but the point is...I'm happy to report that interest in my dad's story and his work continues. Last month, he spoke at MIT [Check out the Boston Phoenix article by Ian Sands]. He then traveled to the UK to lecture at the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art. This past weekend, he was in Concord, New Hampshire at the S.N.O.B. film festival for the screening of his 1974 film, THE FAKING OF THE PRESIDENT. This week (11/13/08), he goes to Troy, NY [The Sanctuary for Independent Media] to host a Q&A following a screening of ABEL RAISES CAIN. Next month, he travels to Toronto for our opening and DVD release party at the Bloor Cinema.

Every time I think that things are winding down to a slow trickle, it starts pouring again. I know how lucky we are to have my dad as a film subject. I mean, you really can't ask for a more interesting person to follow around with a camera. But back to the worm analogy, it's as if the film has regenerated itself on BOTH ends. ABEL RAISES CAIN feeds interest in my father and his work - and people who read or hear about my dad want to see the movie. I am really overjoyed that it's worked out this way.

Incidentally, I think the 'b' in blog stands for babble. So without further ado, if you have not seen the documentary yet and you're interested in finding out more about Alan Abel, please tune your satellite dial to LINK TV [CHANNEL DETAILS ARE HERE] on November 16th, 2008. There are additional broadcasts on November 26th, 29th, and 30th. [ABEL RAISES CAIN AIR TIMES ON LINK TV]

ABEL RAISES CAIN is airing as part of DOC-DEBUT, a series on Link TV highlighting unique and groundbreaking international documentary films. Each week features the U.S. television premiere of a new doc, offering American audiences unprecedented perspectives on world events and culture, as seen through the eyes of individuals across the globe. The series also provides a unique outlet for films by independent directors and producers to reach a much wider international audience.

DOC-DEBUT airs every Sunday at 8:00 pm Pacific and every Saturday at 8:00 Eastern. [Click here] to SEE THE 'ABEL RAISES CAIN' program listing.