Thursday, May 14, 2009

hulu's spotlight on ABEL RAISES CAIN

If anyone wonders where the hell we've been and what we're dad is in the middle of a hoax campaign (still yet to be revealed) and writing his autobiography, also called ABEL RAISES CAIN (we stole the title), I'm working on combining my dad's site with our film's site - the first phase has launched but it's still a MAJOR work in progress. And Jeff and I are continuing to self-distribute and split up the rights to our documentary. The company that's handling our US Digital Distribution, INDIEFLIX, helped us get onto hulu and this week, hulu is spotlighting our movie.

You can check out the Abels guest blog on hulu and there is also an interview that my dad and I did together, if you enjoy reading our babble!

Without a doubt, hulu is the biggest thing that's ever happened to our small indie movie. We edited this thing in our one-room apartment, and we never thought we would make it this far, so Jeff and I are finding this experience to be extremely surreal. The fact that they're advertising our documentary in the animated banner section without any money changing hands or a major studio backing us, is beyond crazy.

We have Indieflix to thank for this, as well as Lance Weiler, Arin Crumley and the people at hulu who happened to like my dad's story enough to give the film a bit of a push.

Below is the full feature. Please feel free to embed and share with anyone who might take an interest in my slightly demented family!