Wednesday, February 9, 2011

ABEL RAISES CAIN at The Morris Museum of Art

You know how they say a picture is worth a thousand words? The opposite applies to a picture of the Rosemary Inn. You cannot do justice to this magnificent structure within the confines of two dimensions. The stately home with its grand columned entry and ornate wood-paneled interior was unreal and the latter would certainly make any beaver drool.
We stayed at Lookaway Hall, the mansion across the street from Rosemary Inn. Both 'houses' have a rich history and the story of their loving resurrection is as interesting and entertaining as the inn's two owners, Kelly and his wife, Diana, who went out of their way to make us feel at home.
Earlier in the day, we were racing against the clock to make it from Greenville, NC to Augusta, GA in time for the screening. It was something like 7 hours of driving time. My dad and I were delirious and suffering from car fever by the time we arrived at the museum. It was somewhat surreal when we pulled into the museum lot and noticed next door a perfectly preserved 1950s TV station, a relic of the past frozen in time.
I'm finally viewing ABEL RAISES CAIN through fresh eyes, from a more conservative viewpoint. Taking a look around at the older adults gathered to see the film, I wondered if my fears of offending another audience in Georgia would come true. My dad and I are like "The Gong Show" meets Lenny Bruce during the Q&A sessions. I never know when he's going to take it over the top and if we'll be escorted off stage as a result.

All in all, the reception to the movie was positive, although I did see one man with a sour expression hurrying out the door afterwards. The weird world of the Abels was perhaps a bit TOO weird for this particular gentleman. But the museum director, Kevin Grogan, seemed to be enjoying himself when I peeked over at him during the screening. That meant we were in the clear and wouldn't be arrested after all!
It's fun to show the film to college kids one night and then baby boomers and active seniors the next and receive an almost identical response (one that's filled with laughter).

My dad and I celebrated the evening with cold pizza and long hot baths in giant tubs in our respective rooms at the inn. On the road again in less than 24 hours, Orangeburg, SC here we come!

Location:Augusta, GA

[The above entry was originally posted on the Southern Circuit - Tour of Independent Filmmakers blog on 2/9/11]

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